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10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
£60.00  £42.22
Sale: £37.99
Save: 37% off
Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
Save: 11% off

Have you seen ...

The truth about Honda Pressure Washers

What they don't tell you about Honda

Pressure Washers

We do take responsibility for Honda Pressure washers, All are balanced that the pumping unit suits the honda engine, Honda Do not make Pressure Washers� we use Honda Engines and Interpump pumps to make pressure washers....

I recently received the following e-mail regarding honda pressure washers:

"I was unaware Honda made pressure washers. I can get one locally now that I have seen your web page".

Thank You

My response:

Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to point out that HONDA "does not" manufacture pressure washers. Honda makes Engines, Autos, Motorcycles etc. When Pressure washers are referred to as Honda it's industry shorthand for "Honda Powered" which means you still need to consider the manufacturer.

Something recently happened to me which I think I need to tell you about:

A friend of mine from down the pub(sorry I like a beer) who is into moto cross bikes asked if I could come around and look at his honda pressure washer, it looked like a gx340/gx390 honda engine, but as he only payed �499 for the whole pressure washer I was dubious (these honda engine often retail to trade at �400 +) After looking further into the engine this is not a honda quality engine its a chinesse copy and a cheap non geared motor, even with his low usage (about 1h a week) this unit will be lucky to last over three years as of the lack of guiders.

Honda like engined pressure washers sold on some price auction sites, which look in pictures like� honda pressure washer if they are cheap are not genuine articles, as the usual rule follows if it too cheap to be true it proberly is. please if you want a cheap pressure washer for a couple of year go there, if you want a servicable and long term honda pressure� washer come to us or some of the other people up and down the UK we partner(we help each other with service and break down to give a national coverage and are happy to recomend a more local quality supplier if you require)�

We distribute a range of pressure washers. The pressure washers we sell are leading manufacturer of Pressure Washers in the United Kingdom.

Keep in mind that very little of a pressure washer is "manufactured", what the majority of manufacturers really are is "component" assemblers. This is no bad thing as long as they use quality components and have large purchasing power to deliver the final product at a value for the consumer.

I recently received a flaming email from a woman lambasting me for selling Honda pressure washers. She told a story of how she and her husband had purchased a pressure washer from a local machine store, she really didn't say which. At any rate, after using it 3 times over the course of a year it developed a serious problem with the pump.

She took it to the store authorized service center only to be notified that it was out of warranty and could not be repaired anyway. Needless to say she was furious, after all this was a Honda pressure washer!!

She went on to say that the only reason she purchased it was because it had a Honda engine which implied quality.

The name Honda does not imply a quality pressure washer, it only implies a quality engine. There are many ways a manufacturer can lessen quality to achieve a price point that the superstore will be willing to market. The good news is that "spotting this ploy is not rocket science" and you can get quality advice at this website.

A good honda engine should be mated with a good quality pump, my personal choice for a honda engine would be a 2:1 gearbox and a good interpump, a cat pump would also be a reasonable choice.

To see the models we sell please go through our pressure washer section, our honda engined pressure washers may not be the cheapest on the market, but when you have customers who have had the same well balance honda engine pressure washer for over 20 years, I kind of smile tap myself on my back and think they got there moneys worth out of that, as they are still happy to be dealing with us, we must be getting something right.

My prefered honda pressure washer, if you are wanting a genuine one

Other honda petrol pressure washer

Other honda diesel pressure washer

Feed back

From:	c w
Email:	cnw@com


just read your article on web site  i am looking for  a petrol pressure
washer  with gearbox and interpump
 what is the difference between the honda  gx and gc  engine models 
Hi C
    As far as I am concerned the gx is a higher quality range than the gc, but this might not be true
When I wrote the article the UK manufacturers of pressure washer including the 3 I work with all used the GX160/240/340/390, which run at 5hp 8hp 11hp and 13hp ish which covered most applications and ranged in price from Honda at £200 to £950 ish.
After balancing a decent and suitable sized pump and gearbox to these, these were retailing out at £700 to £1500, top volumes from 12litres to 20litres and 140 bar to 250Bar pressure.

I don't know the difference between GC and GX, but the GX range we used to buy is a fully serviceable engine which runs for several years with the right care.
I have been to Honda GX engine which did not appear to have the same part as the units we have previously sold from Honda, which I would say was not a Honda.

Now I see on ebay 3rd party sellers (as in not Honda or there UK partner) selling the GX160 for £99 and the big ones around the £350 mark.
I wonder if these are not the same GX or GC engine we buy off Honda as the prices are higher than when the article was written or
These could be Honda copies or maybe Honda now do a cheaper range of GX and GC machines.
We all used a higher spec engine on the pressure washer as not only do pressure washer give a kick back to the user when start stopping, but to the engine, so a gearbox was put in there and a good spec of engine.

These are just my thoughts and observations

At the end of the day how much you are genuinely going to use the machine and what you are going to use it for, should define what you should go for.

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