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10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
£60.00  £42.22
Sale: £37.99
Save: 37% off
Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
Save: 11% off

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Frozen Boilers

Frozen Boilers on Pressure Washer

Even pressure washers with a frost heater still have a problem with the boiler freezing up, this is because there is nothing really between the boiler coil and the exhaust and outside air, the frost heaters are usually placed closer to the pump to protect it, than the boiler.

Some simple ideas to protect that boiler coil:

  1. Most obvious first, put the machine in a water frost protected area.
  2. Empty all the water out of the coil, either by using the machines coil empty system (some static models have this) or run the pump without water for 30 seconds forcing the water all out of the pump.
  3. Use a approved anti-freeze, that will not damage the pump seals or boiler system.

To check if your boiler is frozen up

  1. Its proberly obvious start when not water comes out, but if you can have a look before you turn the machine on you may save yourself from further damage, I mean that pipes may be in good order, but after you turn the pressure washer and pressure builds up due to the boiler been blocked then a pipe or other equipment may break or be damaged.
  2. One easy way is to connect a water supply up to the machine and see if the water comes out the other end, this is dependant on the type of machine you have, if you now your machine has a water tank this will not be as easy as if it hasn't, if�it has a water tank you will need to connect a water supply up before the boiler by undoing one of the pipes and connection a water supply pipe to it.

What to do if your boiler is frozen and damaged

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