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Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
Save: 11% off
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
£60.00  £42.22
Sale: £37.99
Save: 37% off

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Industrial Machines

Industrial Pressure Washers - Which pressure washer should I buy?

Pressure washers fall into three main product categories, which determines the material qualities, the cost of manufacture and therefore the sales price asked in the market place.

1. Hobby machines: these are the cheapest pressure washers on the market and can be determined by the use of aluminium cylinder heads, high speed motors and stainless steel pistons. These are not considered Industrial Pressure Washers and are designed as limited life machines which should only be used on a 60% duty cycle. This means that during a 1 hour period the machine should only be worked for 36 minutes in total. In practice this means that if you wash your car and put it away that's OK. If you spend three hours washing everything in sight the machine will overheat and excess wear will occur shortening the life of the product. Petrol powered machines have lawnmower engines and are direct coupled to the engine. Hoses and lances for these pressure washers are all plastic and not very durable.

2. Commercial Machines:the next level up from hobby machines, these are better constructed pressure washers with more features. Beware, some are high speed motors and some still have aluminium cylinder heads. What you want at this level of product is a brass cylinder head and preferably ceramic pistons and 1450rpm motors. Commercial machines can be 2800rpm or 1450rpm. 2800rpm motors are 60% duty cycle and 1450rpm are 100% duty cycle. (100% duty cycle can be used continuously.) Petrol and diesel powered pressure washers tend to have pumps running at 3000rpm or 3600rpm and are better than hobby class machines with some even having brass heads and ceramic pistons too. Don't expect them to draw their own water, this may work for the first couple of months but seal wear will soon cause the performance to drop dramatically.

3. Industrial Machines: this level is aimed at professional users who want a pressure washer to work reliably day after day. All professional machines (industrial pressure washers) have 1450rpm pumps and motors, they will all have brass cylinder heads and the hose and gun will be steel reinforced. All 1450rpm pumps are designed to be self priming and will draw their own water if fitted with a suitable filter. Petrol and diesel pressure washers will all have an intermediate reduction gearbox which allows the engine to rev to 2900rpm but the pump still revs at 1450rpm.

There are two main types of pump, wobble plate and crankshaft. Wobble plate pumps push the piston forward and a spring returns it. As pressure increases the flow will drop slightly. This allows for distorted performance claims. Crankshaft pumps deliver the same flow regardless of pressure and will often feel more powerful that a wobble plate pump.

The answer to that question is firmly in the professional category. All our pressure washers meet and exceed the definition of professional machines. All have 1450rpm pumps, brass heads, suction filters, gearboxes, steel reinforced hoses, steel lances, steel chassis and top brand engines.

Industrial Pressure Washers

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