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Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
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10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
£60.00  £42.22
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Not always a machines fault

Not always a pressure washer at fault


Pressure washer came back from the building site low on pressure and the without its foot filter
There may be a clue there me thinks?


This is usually down to one of three things on these type of pressure washers

  • The valves are sat open on the pump, or valves are worn or damaged
  • The seals are worn or damaged
  • the unloader valve is worn or the seat is damaged
  • There is a problem with the engine
    Since the engine is running sweet and the others take a bit more time, i5ts usually easiest just to inspect the valves on the entry to the pump, these are the ones on the lower rail of most interpump/cat pump/annovi reverberi pump.

    What I did

    1) So clamp the pump if it is not still attched tot the pressure washers as mine was as these can be quite tight.
    2) Take a socket (not a spanner as this will damage the nuts) of the correct size and take the three lower nuts out
    3) Take the little plastic and steel valve out and inspect it to see if it has anything trapped inside stopping it open and close
    4) In the case of mine they did, there was little bits of gritt in the valve from the building site
    5) Clean these up and inspect the lower ring for small tears which mine did not have
    6) Reasemble the valve in the pump head and tighten them up again
    7) I also put a small intet filter just before the pump to prevent this from happening again, then reattached the inlet pipe and the foot filter

    If you need any help please call or email�

    Please note this is only general advice and should only be undertaken by a qualified pressure washer engineer, if you are not sure what you are doing and/or do not have the right tool please find someone who has.

  • Not always a pressure washer at fault

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