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Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
Save: 11% off
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
£60.00  £42.22
Sale: £37.99
Save: 37% off

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Controling the water inside

Controling the water in presure washers

Controling the water in a pressure washer is the sole job of the machine, you put water in under normal pressure conditions and you expect it to come out under a large amount of pressure as that is why it is called a pressure washer.

But what happens?

The water comes into the pressure washer and is first sent in through a ball tap arrangement (simular to a toilet valve) and is given a clearance to the water holder tank with a 2" gap between the source an water container to make the pressure washer CE compliant.

The water is then drawn through a water filter(to protect the pump) and into the high pressure pump which has usually three one way valve in and 3 one way valve out to make the water go in only one direction, the pistons driven by the motor create the force for the water.

Once the water leaves the pump an unloader or bypass valve arrangement is used to control the water direction toward the outlet of the pressure washer or toward the front of the pump if the pressure washer is in bypass mode.

As bellow

pressure washer

After the unloader valve if the pressure washer has a boiler a flow switch will be used next before the boiler to tell if there is flow if there is then the boiler will be ignited and the pressure washer will produce hot water, if the is no flow then the boiler will be turned off.

After the boiler and just before the outlet it is a good idea to have either a blow of valve or a safety valve just to protect the system fo over pressurizing, then we have the hose, gun and lance and the Jet, the jet has to be rated against the pressure washer to give it the correct pressure. The smaller the jet the higher the pressure and lower the water rate and vice versa the larger the jet the lower pressure and higher the water volumn

Controling the water in presure washers

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