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10m Hose for Pressure Washer
10m Hose for Pressure Washer
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Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
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Benefits of Cold Water Machines for Commercial Users

Benefits of Cold Water Machines for Commercial Users

Benefits of Cold Water Pressure Washers for Commercial Users

Commercial users often face a wide variety of demanding cleaning applications for which a pressure washer is necessary. For example, commercial pressure washers may be used to clean shop floors, remove graffiti clean building exteriors, cleaning parking lots and sidewalks, cleaning store fronts and patios, and much more. Cold water pressure washers are often ideal for these lighter residential and commercial applications.

While pressure washers featuring hot water and steam temperature options are faster and more effective at dissolving substances by sanitizing while cleaning, sometimes this additional power is excessive and not needed. Additionally hot water and steam machines are often a great deal more expensive than their cold water alternative. In today's economy, when every expense must be carefully considered, a cold water pressure washing machine may be the right machine for your commercial applications.

As stated previous pressure washers operating with cold water are much less expensive than heated configurations. This is due to the fact that hot water and steam equipment must contain heating coils. In the highest quality machines, these heating coils should be comprised of steel and if cost can run to it stainless steel. Therefore, the heated configurations of pressure washers can be quite expensive.

These types of pressure washers can often be purchased with petrol, diesel or electric engines. There are very distinct differences and benefits associated with each. Petrol or Diesel powered, Cold water pressure washer are great for exterior applications requiring high pressure levels and flow rates but where an electrical supply is not always available. These pressure washers can be mounted on trailers or trucks to make reaching these challenging applications in remote, exterior locations relatively easy.

The second option available to purchasers of these pressure washers is an electric engine. Electric-powered units are ideal for those users who experience the majority of their applications indoors. This is because electric pressure washers produce no exhaust; therefore there is no risk of reducing the safety of the indoor air environment. Secondly, electric-powered models are much quieter than machines operating on gasoline. As such, even commercial users with the quietest environments can benefit from the cleaning power of high pressure levels and high flow rates. Some applications that may benefit from this power in a quieter unit include: schools, colleges and universities, hotels and motels, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and more.

Additionally, for applications where ultra-high pressure is more important than the cleaning power afforded by heat, certain configurations of pressure washers operating with cold water can reach much higher pressure levels than their heated counterparts. Some of these units can reach astoundingly high pressure levels of 7000 psi!

The purchase of a commercial pressure washing machine takes a great deal of consideration as it is a sizeable investment. Therefore, it is important to understand the various applications at hand before the purchase. If lighter residential or commercial applications are all that you will face, a cold water unit is right for you.

Benefits of Cold Water�Pressure Washers�for Commercial Users

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