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Eco Pressure Washer
Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
Ušetříte: 11% z ceny
10 m hadice pro tlakovou myčku
10 m hadice pro tlakovou myčku
£60.00  £42.22
Nyní: £37.99
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Welcome to A.S.P.W. (All Sorts of Pressure Washers) Website

We specialize in pressure washers, parts and technical help for pressure washers, new and older ones, where parts are hard to find. If your struggling to get your machine up to it specifications or to find that part, send up an email with a couple of picture (preferred as a picture paints a thousand words) Send us an Email or give Andy a call on 0044(0)7811-518-920....

We also offer bespoke cleaning solutions from equipment to clean radiators on trains, tunnel cleaning equipment, quarry vehicle cleaning equipment, pre HGV/PCV inspection/MOT cleaning equipment, wheel washing solutions for site vehicles and a wide variety inbetween....


Pressure washers are our business and as such we stock a large selection, we also stock a large selection of spares and accessories for pressure washers. If you can not find what you are looking for chances are we have not put it on the website yet, you are welcome to ring us with your pressure washer related problems or to send us an email.

The Machine and parts are split up into various sections, if you can not find what you are looking for please email or ring, If you have something that you are trying to find but do not know what to call it, email us a picture and we will try and help you find it

Pressure washer from some of the leading manufacturers and also some quality pressure washers from some of the manufacturers less well known. When you are buying a machine it is important to work out what you are going to use the machine for and how much you expect to use it, If you are say a farmer who needs a machine, buying a cold machine with an engine driven pump and a remote water pick with about 15l and 200bar will clean most of your machines well and can also be used in remote areas if needed. If you are a valeter of car, using a smaller machine which is an electric (cheaper to run and plug in anywhere) hot (80 deg C), has low pressure chemical (stops it blowing it chemical back off cars) and a pressure rating of 12 litres and 70bar (this is less liklyto damage paint work, but will still clean well) If you need any help please email

Pressure washer are also know as power washer, water blasters and jetters, they come in many different varieties from small domestic machine to large industrial systems with multiple jets and sometimes hydraulic arms to assisted in the cleaning process. Uses of pressure washers and which ones to use...

Home and domestic use

  • If you want a machine to wash your car every other week and the patio and driveway down once a year a domestic machine will the best choice, be aware though that many manufacturers of domestic machines advise that you only use them continuously for 20 minutes at a time, so when you are washing your prive and patio down it may be worth doing it at the smae time as another job and letting your machine rest every so often.
    the volumns quoted on domestic machines are often missleading they often quote that a machine can do 12 litres per minute at 3000PSI, the truth of this is that they can do either, at 3000PSI they will only do about 5 litres per minute and the other way they will do 12 litres per minute at 500 PSI, these are roughly the pressure and volumns and are not atually checked exactly.

Regular use

  • If you want a machine for cleaning cars down and have a small business or go motocrossing or simular you may be better off with a petrol pressure washer, obvious reasons these machines don't need an electric hook up so can be run fairly remotely just the water is needed they can be bought with a bit more power something like 12 litres per minute and a 140 bar should be about right for most jobs.

Farm and haulier

  • If you a farmer or a haulier the pressure washers you should be looking at are the 200 bar 15 litres per minute machine and even have a consideration of a three phase hot machine as with the addition of heat the cleaning process can be greatly increased, but the consideration of mobility may be a greater concern than the need for heat.

Food and factory use

  • For food industry people the best machine are the static machines, the main consideration is weather to do for a cold wall mounted one or for a hot machine to give that better clean, the other consideration with the hot ones is how the water is heated, you could use a cold machine and suck in hot water from you own system ( most industrial jetwashes can take water heated up to about 65 deg) the other options is a machine which heats its own water up and there are 2 options hear...
    Electric heated machine which are clean and can be part of the kitchen equipment, bit noisey when in use but very convenient
    Oil Diesel heated pressure washers which can be installed outside the cleaning area and pipe in so that emmissions can easily be handled,the water is pipe in and the controls are remotely mounted in the kitchen.

Home Builder and site use machine

  • Probably the best machines to use on you building site is the petrol and diesel ones they are powerful and mobile and if the right one is bought a handy tool for many years, they can come with well know pump and motor systems and geared to work well together, engine suitable for these machines are Honda(odviously) Kubota, Lombardini and Hatz(others are available, but I have found these good and I am not knocking any others). Pumps I prefer to use are Interpump and Cat pumps, Annovi reverberi seam to make some good pump as well but I prefer cat and interpump (again not knocking other)
    What I always say to builder types when they are after a machine is to put a high volumn filter on the front end of it, these prevent brick dust and concreate getting in, these tiny bodies fire staight though the pump and damaged seals, valve and unloader valves very quickly.
    Another consideration for bigger builders (companies not the guys themself) is a bowser systems so that the machine along with its water supply can easily be transported to any part of the site and used.

slaughterhouse and abattoir

  • The machine in these places get a lot of hard work, I would surgest going for a heavy duty mobile or static machine(with a rail system installed). This would have to be a hot machine and definatly a three phase to cope with the level of cleaning required in these places, something like 200 bat at 15 litres would be a minimum.

Jetters and Drain Cleaners

  • Peoople who clean the drains have specialist equipment using powerful equipment often up to 30 litres per minute and often 100 bar to clean all them systems out they use a long self propelled hose which has 3 backwards jets(the propelling ones) and one forwards(the cleaning one) these machines are usually mounted in the back of vans, so we sell these units as skids so wee or you can install them in the back of a van.

Forecourt Jet Washers

  • Forecourt jet washers need to be emision safe and so often come with electric heated boiler rather than diesel fire boiler, obviously to solve problem of having live flames in the area of petrol, the pumps on most of these are either interpump or cat. the pressure on these machine is often lower at only 70 bar and 14 litres per minute, this is a good pressure and volumn to clean car paint work without damage, these machine are specifically made for petrol stations.

Drive Through Systems

  • One thing a lot of people thinking about cleaning with pressure washer often forget is the automation of the system this can be on the simple side of things from just one operative to using an operative on either side, but when you start thinking about that you have a �50,000 bill before you start doing the job ( 2 operatives wages and the tax implications along with 2 quality pressure washers). Would you be better thinking of a automatic system, no wages, only one machine and the option of a water recycling system (saving cost on buying new water all the time) these systems can wash vehicles quicker with more powerful water and chemicals as the health and safety issues of having and operator are not there. Systems are built on a bespoke bases, we can show some examples of previous systems done, but due to client confidenciallity we can not have them on the website.


  • With our partners, machine base, along with our network we can provide bespoke solutions to most high pressure cleaning solutions in most area's of the UK.

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Eco Pressure Washer
£2,279.99  £2,039.99
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Budget Pressure Washer Gun and Hose
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10 m hadice pro tlakovou myčku
£60.00  £42.22
Nyní: £37.99
Ušetříte: 37% z ceny
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